Michael OndaatjeThe Cinnamon Peeler
Deborah ArtmanNanny From Marroon Town
Chana BlochEating Babies
Lorna CrozierLearning to Read
Claire HarrisChild This is the Gospel on Bakes
Andrea AdolphSomeone Had to Eat It
Vidas GvozdziusPig Roast
Sheila MeadsLeftovers
Scott MinarGumbo
bpNicholThe Mouth
John D. Bargowski, SrChewing the Host
David OatesIn the Garden
Seymour MayneMilk
Lawrence SchimelJourneybread Recipe
Melody Lacina Danish Pumpernickel
Alden NowlanAnd He Wept Aloud, So That the Egyptians Heard It
Susan Ioannou77th Birthday Dinner
Barbara CrookerPicking Sour Pie Cherries
Heather SpearsBulimia Poem
Anne F. Walker Sloe Berries
Margaret AtwoodLate August
Brenda HillmanTrois Morceaux en Forme de Poire
Kelly CherryWoman Living Alone
Patricia MonaghanSnow White on the Apple
Marie HenryOnions
Christine Erwin Diamond Cloves
opal palmer adisaNature's Feast
Andrea AdolphSalt Eater
Elise M. McClellanLamia Bulimia
Lorna CrozierEggs
Maureen EppsteinSquid
M. Carmen Santosmarinade
Lorna CrozierChildhood
Elizabeth Follin-JonesLeaks
Ronald Wallace The Fat of the Land
Wesley McNairThe Fat Enter Heaven
Kelly CherryLunch at the Lake
Beryl Baigent Chernobyl Summer
Susan BumpsGiving Homage to the Summer Fruit God
Rachel Blau DuPlessisT
Donia Blumenfeld ClenmanShortbread Cookies
Ioanna-Veronica Warwick Chocolate Hearts
Linda Pastan Pears
Diana O'HehirApple
Kelly CherryLt. Col. Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova
Mary di Michelfrom Crown of Roses
Alphonse DaudetPolenta - translated by J. Weintraub
Edward WolfComfort Food
Sandra McPhersonFood
Ronald WallaceThe Dinner Party
Kathleen EvansThe Starving Woman in Four Parts
Barbara A. HendrysonBefore Poetry
Sarah Gail JohnsonLunch
Leonore WilsonEating
Hayley R. MitchellMother's Milk
Kathleen Evans Revolution
Rosemary SullivanThe Table
Anne BarneyKitchen Dichotomy
John B. LeeThe Two Thousand Piece Popcorn Puzzle
Felicia MitchellEggs
Hayley R. MitchellSuzie gets a colander
Lorna CrozierCarrots
Carol V. DavisGarden
Anne F. WalkerChild's
George Elliot ClarkeBreakfast in Kingston
Lara Candland Poetry
Damienne Grant DibbleBeluga
Brenda HillmanFood
Deborah ArtmanWoman with Child
Bethlyn Madison WebsterStamps
Lyn LifshinMy Mother Wants Lamb Chops, Steaks, Lobster, Roast Beef
Walter PavlichAll That Meat
John GilgunClyde Steps In
Susan MusgraveLove Wasn't Always
Susan IoannouSynaesthesia
Deborah Dashow RuthGrounds
Marcia LipsonRepast
Bernadette DyerKitchen Solitaire
opal palmer adisaDinner Time
Mary di MichelHunger in the Text
bpNicholThe Tonsils
Andrea AdolphUnder An Arbor I Imagine Your Vegetables
Venantius FortunatusGogo - translated by Geoffrey Cook
Anne F. WalkerPeach Offering
Katie KingstonPhoung
Dave KellyUse a Fork, Not a Blender, to Mix the Guacamole
Marlene GoldmanFor Mitchel
Sheri RadfordOutline
Sylvia LegrisQuartet of Banana Desserts
Maureen HynesInedible
Patty SeyburnRitual
Joan Jobe SmithHot and Hungry
Jeff MannServiceberry
Christopher WoodsPotatoes By Phone
Diane GlancyGenerally he gave them plenty of room
Patience WheatleyBird's Nest Soup
Bethlyn Madison WebsterDove Season
Michael RileyBeast Fable
Beverly A. BrennaFarm Woman Displaced
Margaret AtwoodBread

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